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Please take a minute of your time for our market analysis regarding the topic NEWS. This way you are already contributing to the creation process of NOUVELLES-Nachrichten.
All collected data will remain completely anonymous.

1. The female perspective of the world will determine the XXI century.
How does this thesis please you?
It is fantastic!
A lot
I don´t know
Not that much
Not at all

2. Would you consider a news portal and news magazine reporting accordingly to this idea to be an improvement?
I surely would
I think so
I don´t know
I surely wouldn´t

3. Do you think that a mainly female-composed news editorial department would give more importance to compelling issues of our society?
I surely do
I think so
I don´t know
It is improbable
I surely don´t

4. In our complex and increasingly globalised world it becomes more and more difficult to organise news according to thematic areas. Yet, should we try it, which two rubrics of the following list would interest you the most?
Development regarding the World Wide Web
Science / Technology
Life (society, culture, fashion, trends, travelling, ...)

5. Geographically speaking, what do you find most interesting?
Rather regional events
Rather national events
Rather European events
Rather international events
It doesn´t matter

6. Which two of the following perspectives do you consider to be the most interesting ones?
Germany´s point of view upon the world
The world´s point of view upon Germany
Europe´s point of view upon Germany
The point of view of different nations upon an international event
The point of view of one nation upon another nation

7. Ecological consciousness is increasingly changing our society. In which of these areas have you been changing your behaviour? (Multiple choices)
Information habits
Political participation
Consumer goods
In none of them

The Internet is increasingly becoming a mass medium. Please answer the following few questions to your usage of the Internet as information resource.
8. How often do you use the internet to be informed?
Several times during the day
Several times during the week

9. Which sort of feature do you find most captivating?
Exclusively text
Mainly text
Text and pictures in equal proportion
Mainly pictures

10. Which sort of news formats do you find most captivating? (Multiple choice)
News flashes
Medium-length items
Background reports
Features / dossiers

11. Which alternatives do you usually choose to contribute to the media coverage? (Multiple choice)
Rating the articles per click
Commentaries to the articles
Reader´s letters
Forum contributions

12. How should the importance of the news and its respective sequence be determined?
The editorial department should decide
According to user ratings
According to view frequency
It doesn´s matter

13. Which additional services are you interested in? (Multiple choice)
E-paper / e-journal
Author blogs
Reader´s commentaries / possibilities of evaluation
Reader´s forum / reader´s blogs / field reports
Magazine und online archives
Glossary / encyclopedia
Shop / merchandise

Only four statistical questions left. We are very grateful for your patience!

14. Sex
No comment

15. Age group
0 - 25
26 - 35
36 - 45
46 - 55
56 - 67
67 - 99
No comment

16. In which region do you feel at home?
No comment

17. And finally: How have you heard about this survey?
Link on another website
Personal recommendation

Thank you very much for your collaboration!

We are very pleased with your interest about NOUVELLES and hope being able to announce very soon the launch of NOUVELLES-Nachrichten.

You will be informed on the latest developments and survey results in our Newsletter.

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